Volunteer Teachers

We currently have openings for volunteer teachers for projects in Sydney, Kiribati and Uganda.
Tony Castley 25/01/2023

We invite sewing teachers or experienced sewers who can teach sewing or crafts , to volunteer for a program and have an experience of a life time. We have been involved with sending teachers to Nepal, Vanuatu, Mongolia, Indonesia, Philippines, Tanzania, Uganda, and Fiji and we can assure you that these are trips that you will relive with fond memories for many years to come!

Costs and situations vary from country to country, however as a guide, the costs to the volunteer are usually between $1,000 and $2,000 depending on the country and circumstances. A portion of  the costs are usually paid by SewAID or one of our sponsors.  Donations towards the purchase or sewing machines, fabrics, and any other equipment are tax deductible but unfortunate airfares, accommodation and personal expenses are no longer tax deductible .

You may register as one of our volunteer teachers and we can then let you know when there are projects which suit your particular skills and  experience.

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