Fabrics finally arrive Cambodia !

This is a story of a shipment of fabrics  from SewAid Sydney to Sustainable Cambodia in Cambodia, which took 2 1/2 years to get there.

After a request from Sustainable Cambodia (SC) back in 2019 for  some Days for Girls supplies, we prepared a shipment of  flannelette  and other things , and this was picked up by our good friend Jenny Knight from REECH Cambodia and packed into her container. However, as it is necessary to obtain clearance for duty free charity goods before shipment, this container sat in Sydney for  18 months while Jenny negotiated with the Cambodian Customs.

In March 2021 Jenny thought she had clearance, and it was decided to upgrade the container to a 40′ container and so more space was available¬† and we added 10 rolls of PUL fabric, Kam snaps, rotary cutting equipment’s etc. which SC advised they needed. Jenny also got from us some more sewing machines and overlockers to add to those she had already bought.¬† However again the shipment didn’t get away until another 9 months later , finally getting¬† shipped in¬† November 2021.

The container arrived in Sihaboutville ( Cambodian Port ) 1st week December , however clearance  was delayed and when that was finally processed, the unpacking the container became a new problem due to COVID and other problems at the dock.  So last week Jenny decided to get on  plane to Cambodia, and go to the port and unpack the container herself. Guess what- she did just that!  She unpacked the container and then packed our fabrics off on a truck to Pursat and they have now been gratefully received by SC in the last few days ! WOW ! what a story, what a effort !

The shipment contained 68 rolls of flannelette and 11 rolls of PUL which is enough fabric to make 3,500 Days for Girls kits, which will keep our SewAid workshop at SC busy for quite some time. Also included were new rotary cutting mats, Rotary cutting blades, 3,500 sets of Kam snaps  and other bits and pieces SC had requested.   I must again thank Janelle Dodd of Ryde DFG who donated half the flannelette. and of course an enormous thankyou to Jenny Knight  for al her amazing work and perseverance  in finally getting this shipment to Cambodia.

Fabric for SC Jan 2022

fabrics off to SC






Photo1: Fabrics arrive at Sustainable Cambodia.

Photo 2: Fabrics packed on truck at Cambodian port.

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