Survey Visit to East Timor

East Timor
Glenda and I have just returned from East Timor where we surveyed potential projects in Dili and Oecusse. We are fairly confident about two small projects in Oecusse which will require only about three teachers, while in Dili, what we are discussing there is still early days.
Additionally we were planning to go in April next year, however we now find the wet season doesn’t end until end of April, so we may be re-looking at this for later in the year, say August/Sept. However we would still be pleased to hear from any of our registered volunteers who are interested to apply for this project.

We have an early planning meeting for DRC Congo this week. Lucy Hobwood-Brown from our Rotary club has just returned with much of the detail that we need to consider a Sewaid project in the Congo.
Please stand by to hear more about this soon. Potentially it would be around October 2019. Again any of our volunteer teachers who are particularly interested in this project, please contact us anytime.

Tony: 0414801888

Photo: This young girl and her father were very happy about the gift we gave them, which is one of Deidra’s ( DFG North Gosford ) Sewing Kits. This girl and her mother are dressmakers on the oldest most dilapidated treadle you have every seen. We were happy to also delivery to them a new electric Janome donated by Epping Rotary. While the home and living appeared to be at the very bottom of rung, this girl quickly showed us how to transfer photos from our phone to hers by bluetooth. Amazing!

photo Sewaid Timor Dec 18  small