Ba SewAid a great success

Our September Sewaid team to Ba Fiji had another exciting time teaching the Ba Women’s Forum ladies a range of new sewing skills. In the two weeks they were there they completed teaching the Days for Girls sewing and hygiene training, as well as how to sew new style bags, hats, dresses, and lots more. The other good news is that this group has lots of orders. They completed the project for 100 compendiums for the government and they have regular ongoing orders for bags and all manner of other products. Congratulations again to our wonderful Sewaid Team of Alacoque Welsh, Tina Latham , Jenny Grilmeier, Cheryl Nelson

The featured photo above is of Kiji completing her Days For Girls Ambassador training online !
The photos below are
1.simple children’s dresses the ladies made
2.Tina shows how to make bags from the yellow polyprope we gave them

Simple Children's Dress (1) 9 17 low

Ba Fiji Sept 17