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Beautiful Outfits made by SewAID Gingoog

Beautiful Outfits made by SewAID Gingoog

August 2016 is going to be a busy month for us. 

The Rotary club of Burwood is taking a small group of Rotarians and partners to Gingoog Mindanao Philippines August 8th to 15th, and Sandra and I will join them 8th to 12th.  On Thursday 7th the group will visit out SewAid Workshop in Gingoog.  While we are there we will be discussing our future plans to build a new SewAid vocational school. Additionally we have had many requests to start another SewAid program in other areas of Southern Philippines, and we will be evaluating these during our visit. Sandra is currently busy sewing Days for Girls kits for a project in Manila that we will visit during this August trip. On the way to Gingoog we will stop over in Manila and visit the Cararoo project of Northlakes Toukley Rotary and distribute some Days for Girls kits along with Celeste Mergens the founder of Days for Girls. After the Philippines we go onto Cambodia where we are planning to establish a new SewAid workshop in Pursat with Sustainable Cambodia. This will be a planning trip and all being well we will be sending a SewAid teachers team there in February 2017.

Other Projects

We also recently prepared some sewing machines for a team of Rotarians from the Central Coast, who are going to be visiting an orphanage in Kenya with a Days for Girls program. and  currently  we are also preparing machines and fabrics for Gosford North Rotarians who are planning another container for Madagascar We are also planning another teacher team to visit Uganda to teach a second group of women for our Sewaid workshop at the School of Life in Katuuso Uganda. So busy time ahead!    Regards Tony Castley