News Update February 2015

Beautiful outfits all made by SewAID Gingoog

Prospective new SewAid Programs

There is some good news in that we are working on some new SewAid team trips which are starting to look hopeful. The ones we are having discussions with are:

Vanuatu: Back to Santo, Luganville again. Same Rotary club and area that we did in 2008, but this time to set up a workshop of the type we have in Uganda and Philippines. They are getting regular visits from cruise ships now, and so they have a ready made market for some good garments etc.

Fiji: We are having some discussions with a Rotary club in Fiji to set up a workshop in a community centre they already have in place.

South Africa: We have two inquirers from South Africa and one from Mozambique. Plus we are talking with School of St Jude, Tanzania again. One of the South African inquiries is from an organisation called Operation Uplift of South Africa. You can watch their video on YouTube – and is a project well supported by the Rotary Club of Gosford North

News from SewAid Gingoog, Mindanao Philippines

Maggie and our SewAid workshop in Mindanao continues to get lots of work and they are often interesting and challenging orders.

They once again made the most of all the garments for the local annual community variety show – see photos below , and now they also have the contract for all the school uniforms in the school zone. Additionally they also have been contracted to make 500 Days for Girls Kits for the DFG program in Mindanao. If you are not familiar with the Days for Girls program, take a look at their website or Facebook page.

Tony Castley

Gingoog Variety show2 Gingoog Variety show1